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Man-jai, our platform’s name, comes from the thai word มั่นใจ pronounced Mun Jai which means ‘Confident’. It encapsulates the essence of our platform. “Be confident”, easier said than done. Asian culture has somewhat of a stigma surrounding men’s mental health, especially to do with self esteem. Our platform is the first official platform in Thailand associated with specfically men’s mental health.


Hi, my name is Att! I'm currently 17 years old, and I am planning to pursue economics or psychology at University. Growing up, I struggled with body-image issues, having a condition called 'gynecomastia'. Being through this experience, I have learnt that having a postive environment around you is vital. At the same time, building your character is also significant. Through this platform, I hope to lend my voice, aspiring to make a difference in our member's lives. 

Att Chansiri

Hi, I'm Marwin. I'm also 17 years old and studying to become a doctor. Similarlily, I struggled with self-esteem issues a lot, especially during heights of COVID-19 and lockdown. I have dealt with it through surrounding myself with an environment in which I feel I can express my true self, while working on myself as well, to become more conifdent in my own skin. With this platform, I hope to be a part of our member's story, a positve figure I wished I had growing up. 


We will offer a general and a bespoke program. A general program will equip you with basic information, offering mental health programs and fitness programs. However, a bespoke program, will connect you with mentors, who will take time to learn about your story and struggles, being with you the whole way. The program will aim to offer a tailor-made process, catered to your needs precisely. 


Hi there, we're Att and Marwin. We are 2 students from Bangkok Patana School, an international school based in Bangkok Thailand. We are passionate about helping other young men harness their confidence. Growing up we faced similar dilemmas regarding image/confidence issues, which severely affected our mental health and livelihoods.


The growing pressures in society to conform to the ‘ideal’ image has undoubtedly taken a toll on many young males in a negative manner, and so, we decided to take action. You may ask what can two 17 year olds bring to the table? Mixing our personal stories and experiences dealing with body image, with help from psychology students from JIPP chulalongkorn and personal trainers in Thailand, we aim to build a sanctuary for these young men.


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